PS3 version of Condemned 2 suffers from sound dropouts

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On Sega of America’s forums, it seems that owners of the PlayStation 3 version of Condemned 2: Bloodshot are having problems with the sound playback of this new title.

If what forums users are saying is true, those gamers using a digital audio connection are having their gameplay interrupted by audio dropouts and “snaps” in the game’s first level. One forum member contacted Sega to complain of this and other gameplay problems. He received this reply from Sega support:

Thank you for writing. SEGA is aware of these issues and is actively investigating them. As the game is brand-new we are obviously quite concerned to hear of problems, in particular the controller issues.

For now, for the audio issue, if you are using an HDMI cable that is the likely cause of the audio problems. SEGA is investigating this as well, but in the meantime using a standard AV cable fixes the audio issues.

Ah, that’s a really crappy fix. Let’s hope that they get this patched some how. Going down from surround sound to stereo in a horror game is almost as bad as playing a music game in mono!

Are any of you suffering from this issue? Or are you playing the Xbox 360 version? After our review, I expect to hear plenty of “not at all” answers.

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