PS3 version of Braid confirmed for Europe and North America

The German-based ratings board USK can’t tell a lie, although, we’re guessing worldwide publishers wouldn’t mind if their secret games stayed secret until they announced them. Recently, the USK dished out a rating for a PlayStation 3 version of the once-Xbox-LIVE-exclusive-platformer, Braid. We were skeptical when the news hit and reached out to Jonathan Blow for comment/clarification/confirmation. He told us he would have to refer the PlayStation 3 question to Hothead Games, the publisher of Braid. IGN reached Hothead and received confirmation.

Braid is coming to the PlayStation 3.

Hothead plans to release the title in both North America and Europe, but don’t get too excited yet: no release date or pricing information is available.

If you’ve managed to never play Braid, PlayStation 3 owners, get ready to have your minds blown. This game is deep, man. Real deep. (And it’s not a shabby platformer, either.)

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