PS3 version of BioShock has a near 5GB install

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There is nothing more exciting than buying a new PlayStation 3 title, unwrapping the plastic, and watching a mandatory download screen. According to 1UP, 2K Boston’s surreal FPS BioShock will give consumers just that opportunity. The game will require a near 5GB install, which roughly translates to ten minutes.

Of course, the PS3 version of the game is coming packed with more than just an install. According to the information that we previously gathered today, BioShock is coming packed with Trophy support, exclusive add-on content, challenge rooms, and a new Survivor difficulty mode.

The game is slated to hit stores on October 21, which provides ample time to appropriate a list of things to do while waiting for the install to finish. Unfortunately, there is no word if there will be anything worthwhile to watch while the game installs. I would enjoy a picture of a Big Daddy taking down a cigarette, but I suppose Metal Gear Solid 4 filled that gap quite nicely.

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