PS3 Titanic loses another passenger

The age of exclusives is crawling to an end faster than Lindsay Lohan’s career (you see, ’cause I’m Hollywood now, I can say such things). The latest headshot to Sony’s PlayStation 3 is the confirmation today by Electronic Arts that Mercenaries 2 will NOT be a PS3 exclusive as was once thought. Damn Sony, it must be hard out there for a pimp:

As suspected for months, Mercenaries 2 will be coming to Xbox 360, but it will also be hitting PC and the aging PS2. The game will hit all platforms simultaneously for holiday 2007.

Neither EA nor Pandemic revealed the differences between each platform’s version of the game.

Pandemic CEO Andrew Goldman offered in a statement, “All four platforms are incredible gaming machines, and from the beginning we designed an experience that accentuates their individual strengths and delivers the interactive freedom and explosive action Mercenaries fans demand.”

Strange that the game is coming to just about everything but the Wii. I thought PS2 to Wii ports were all the rage these days. 

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