PS3 Slim gets an HD screen from Hori

I love me some Hori products, and this latest accessory for the PS3 Slim looks great. It’s a screen that they call the Hori LCD Monitor HD 3. It kind of houses the Slim, and it adds a 1366×768 resolution, 11.6″  LCD screen to the unit, complete with built-in speakers (and headphone jack). That means that you’ll get a solid 720p out of the unit.  When you’re done, fold the screen down for a compact, desktop gaming unit. If you’ve got torne, you’ve got a sweet little television watching/recording rig.

This comes out in Japan on May 27th for 24,800 yen, or about $260.

Pretty slick! Not as slick as this, but still.

The PS3 Slim goes mobile (without Sony’s help) [Cnet]

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