PS3 sales up 178% in the UK thanks to price drop

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You can always count on a price drop to boost sales (unless that price drop is for The IT Crowd), something Sony can attest to. Since it dropped PlayStation 3 prices in Europe, UK sales have gone up by 178%. Another score for Blu-ray!

In the UK, PlayStation products are true status symbols, so it’s no great stretch to imagine a price cut attracting yet more buyers who found the launch product a bit too rich for their blood. I was a little shocked at first, especially since I wouldn’t recommend a PS3 purchase before we know more about the Dualshock 3, but then I forget that many people still don’t pay attention to the Internet like they should.

Either way, this is good news for Sony, which seems to have not been doing too much of anything interesting lately. Will this boost carry the company through the Christmas period, and just how well will a similar move serve Sony in America? Time, like that child you touched, will tell.

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