PS3 RPG Neptune countdown: Girl transformation pending

Compile Heart has a countdown page going. There’s one day and 22 hours left on the countdown. At first I had no idea what that thing in the picture is. It looked like an ’80s version of a Bang & Olufsen on-wall CD player. Now I know. More on that later.

The URL has “np_countdown” in it, so we’re guessing this is for upcoming PS3 role-playing game Neptune.

What’s Neptune? It’s from the makers of Record of Agarest Heart, and it’s coming to the PlayStation 3 this summer. It’s about a videogame console named Neptune. (Is that a nod to the Sega Saturn?)  Believe it or not, that thing above is the console, and it transforms into a girl. The game is set in the videogame industry, says the latest issue of Famitsu. Nice.

No word yet on a U.S. release.

Neptune announced for PS3 in latest Famitsu [scrawlfx]

[Update: Hit the jump to see more details on the game’s world. There’s worlds inspired by the Wii and Xbox 360!]

  • Takes place in the fictional world called Geimugyokai (Game industry)
  • Geimugyokai is split into 4 different worlds with 4 different goddesses
  • The four worlds are Platetume, Rinbox (360), Lasdition (PS3?), Ruwii (Wii)
  • The four goddesses are Purple Heart (Neptune), Green Heart, Black Heart, White Heart
  • Battles are in 3D
  • Game companies are represented by characters in the game too (Gust, Nippon ichi etc)
  • Able to summon guardian angels from actual games or from pictures in the PS3 photo album
  • Possible to customize appearances and combos
  • Neptune and others work together to beat the evil goddess “Majekonnu” (Majikon is the term used to refer to DS flash carts like R4 etc)
  • [via Canned Dogs]

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