PS3 Prototype install bug has you doing some silly voodoo

It seems that the PS3 version of Prototype doesn’t always want to install on your system correctly. According to Joystiq, your PS3 may tell you that you don’t have enough space for the install. The workaround, provided by Activision support, has you changing the amount of disk space by 700MB in whatever way you can. You can install games, demos, and other downloads. Apparently this gets things moving. 

Activision on the matter: “We take this issue very seriously and are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

I asked the Destructoid crew what version of Prototype they were playing for some insight. Unfortunately, they are all playing the Xbox 360 version. I guess that could be considered a fix too, though. Joystiq jokes that you could be installing or demoing inFamous instead, but the word here at the Destructoid offices is that our reviewers are leaning more toward Prototype. Just not on the PS3, though.

Dale North