PS3 production costs down 70% (CAN I HAVE A PRICE CUT PLZ!?)

Great news! Sony CEO and executive VP, Nobuyuki Oneda has boasted to the world that PS3 production costs are now down by 70%. This is great news for … well … just Sony, really. Good news for Sony, and nobody else. 

The cost reduction since we introduced the PS3 is very substantial and this is on schedule,” proclaims Oneda. He wouldn’t go into specifics, as Sony has never been forthcoming about production costs, but did confirm a reduction of 70%, possibly because Sony is making the things out of cardboard. It’s not yet been revealed what the PS3 cost to make in 2006, but it was believed to be setting Sony back by about $800/£430 per console. 

So, we now know that PS3s are cheaper than ever to make. Will that long-awaited, almost legendary price cut be coming soon?

Yeah, probably.

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