PS3 PAL sales reach one million

It hasn’t been a very good week for the Sony, and let’s face it, it rarely has been so far this year. That isn’t stopping Sony from setting sales standards around the globe though. Since the March launch of the PS3 in Europe, Sony has managed to sell over a million PAL territory PS3s in just under ten weeks. The PlayStation 2 dominated global sales years ago after its launch, but in comparison, the PS3 has already managed to surpass the sales pace of its PS2 and PSone predecessors.

However, the PS2 refuses to go away quietly into the pages of history, and is still barely outselling its big brother in Japan. When SCEE President David Reeves was asked for his opinion on the PS3’s sales, he seemed a bit over confident with Sony’s results, stating that “I think the analysts out there will realise it’s faster than our brothers and sisters in the competitive world as well.” You do? Honestly? Welcome to 2006.

With Resistance: Fall of Man reaching 600,000 sales, and Motorstorm trailing closely behind with 500,000 sales, they’ve come a long way in a short time, but they’ve still got a long way left to go.

Tom Fronczak