PS3 not being delayed in Europe; Internet needs to STFU

Listen Internet, we have a love/hate thing going on lately. While I love your ease of use, free porn, and of course ability to put food in the mouths of my 10 children, sometimes you just annoy the f*ck out of me. Such is the case with Sony news lately. Any anti-Sony rumor is sucked up faster than a porn star with rent to pay. Why? Because the Internet is full of other console fanboys looking to clog the system with their vile untrue rumors, all in the effort to make sure the PlayStation 3 and Sony is a failure — as if what they say on the Internet will ever have anything to do with real-world sales.

Such is the case with the latest “rumor” that an “unnamed source” said the PlayStation 3 would be delayed until September of 2007. According to a CVG article:

High placed sources within the industry have already been tipping April as a more realistic launch window the for console. But a source has told CVG that a PS3 delay as far back as September 2007 is now far more likely, pointing the finger of delay at — yes you guessed it — “component shortages”. And let’s face it, you don’t launch a console in summer.

And, of course, the Internet picked this up and went into full-on Sony bashing overdrive. Today, Sony issued a statement saying, “uh, no.” GamesIndustry had the goods:

“We’re still on schedule to launch PS3 in March throughout the PAL territories. All speculation otherwise is without foundation.”

OK, got it? Put down the pitchfork and return to your cottage. Stop trying to spread malicious rumors and just play the damn system you love. This rampant hate is starting to get re-god-damn-diculous. If I see another story on Digg that says, “OMGZ SONY SUXORZ AND WII IS BEST CONSOLE EVA!!1!!1”, then I’m going to puch a baby in the face.

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