PS3 in UK laughs at Titanic

I admit, it’s not looking good for the PlayStation 3 right now. It’s one thing to have sort-of-steady sales in the States, but the PlayStation bread was always nicely buttered in the UK and without that support, even I’m beginning to wonder if the console can truly “make it.” According to the latest sales numbers from the Queen’s land, the PS3 sales have dipped 82% during the PS3’s second week of release. A stark contrast from the record it previously set. From GamesIndustry:

Sales of the PlayStation 3 have dropped dramatically on the second week of release in the UK, with official Chart Track figures revealing a fall of 82 per cent.Chart Track data is gathered from 7000 UK retail outlets representing 90 per cent of the software market, including GAME, Gamestation,, Asda and HMV.

A spokesperson for Chart Track confirmed the figure to this afternoon, stating: “Yes, sales of PS3 hardware have dropped by 82 per cent.” Last week, Chart Track revealed that the PlayStation 3 had sold 165,000 units in the first two days following the launch, making it the fastest-selling home console in the UK.

God, I hate to ask this, but is it really the beginning of the end for the PS3 or is this just a minor hiccup? Please say hiccup. Perhaps everyone is just waiting for the good stuff to hit, right? Right, guys?

Robert Summa