PS3 firmware v2.41 out now, will cure what ails your console

All was not well in PS3 land after last week’s botched launch of PS3 system software update v2.40. The firmware update, which included two major features that PS3 owners had been pining for since the console’s launch in November 2006 (in-game XMB access and an Achievement-like system), delivered on the promises Sony had made — but with some nasty surprises lurking under the hood for some PS3 owners. Let me provide a quick recap.

After widespread reports of users’ consoles being “bricked” (i.e., rendered unusable) by the vaunted firmware update, Sony removed the v2.40 update from its servers “for further testing.” By the Fourth of July weekend, there was still no word from Sony on when we could expect the issues to be fixed, but it now appears that they’ve worked out all the kinks.

PSN boss Eric Lempel posted a short notice on the PlayStation.Blog a little over an hour ago in which he explained that version 2.41 would be “out shortly.” I can personally confirm that the update is currently available; it downloaded to my PS3 in just over twelve minutes, and the installation took an additional five minutes or so.

I didn’t have any problems with the v2.40 update myself, but it’s good to know that nobody else will have to suffer any firmware issues. So if you didn’t install 2.40 before it was taken down, get downloading! Sending and reading messages while you’re playing games is, indeed, awesome.

[Via PlayStation.Blog]

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