PS3 firmware 2.42 update shocks and amazes

If you haven’t turned your PS3 lately, go ahead. Firmware update 2.42 is now available for mass consumption. There is quite an extensive list of features that were added to the service this morning including the ability to pre-register for the Home beta, an enhanced sound effect for Trophies, and a free copy of LocoRoco for next million people who download the update. Also, Sony added a new collaboration device like Folding@home that will link up your PS3 to geological centers in the US to help predict and prevent future earthquakes.

Actually, the update does very little. According to PlayStationBlog, the “update improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software.” There have been reports that it causes Trophies to load faster, but Sony is dismissing those claims by tossing out the above sentence. So, download at your leisure and enjoy the enhanced playback quality!

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