PS3 finally gets some a Firmware update after eight years

It’s been a long time coming, but Sony has finally announced the latest installment in its critically acclaimed Firmware franchise. We’ve waited almost a decade for Firmware 3.56, the most highly anticipated of all of Sony’s exclusive games. 

This next epic chapter contains an encryption key that is designed to kill “Homebrew”, a malignant curse weaved by the series’ principal villains, The League of Hackers. PSN users will only be allowed to sign in if the network can detect that they’re running 3.56.

This new Firmware has already been cracked, according to one nefarious villain. Within hours of the update going live, he published the encryption keys, allowing work to begin on spoofing the new security and continuing to brew at home like nothing ever happened. 

This is where I drop the sarcasm to note that Sony is chasing its own tail with these updates, and the only people paying for it are the legitimate consumers who have to watch a green bar slowly fill for zero f*cking justifiable reason.

James Stephanie Sterling