PS3 DVR is DRM-free?

I know: what PS3 DVR? We haven’t talked much about it, but it’s out there, and it seems to be kicking ass, according to the reviews on the UK Amazon site. This little device has a two built in TV tuners that let you record and play back anything you’d like to and from the PS3’s hard drive. Oh, and did I mention it records in high-definition?

The latest on this amazing device is that it does all of ths without the digital rights management hassle. From CVG’s review of the device

…brilliantly, you can export videos to your PS3’s XMB menu as MPEG-2 video (despite rumours suggesting the feature had been removed). From there you can use it like a normal file – watch it on your PS3, put it on PC, transfer it to your PSP… whatever you like.

This makes this Europe-only device even sexier to those who can’t have it yet. I hope Sony has this ready for us soon.

What do you think? Would you use this?

Dale North