PS3 campers get shot at

Think you got the stones to wait outside for a PlayStation 3 for two nights in a row? Well, how about you wait for one while being shot at! That’s right, some upstanding citizens in Kentucky did an ol’ fashioned drive-by with a BB gun on some PS3 campers — we assume the perps are CounterStrike players and just can’t stand campers. What’s even funnier is that a local newscaster got caught in the crossfire. Pure awesome:

Dozens of people camped out in front the Best Buy store on Nicholasville Road. They’re hoping to get their hands on a Sony PlayStation 3 console. But the wait turned serious when someone drove by and fired shots at people waiting in line.

Four people were hit by the BB pellets, including 27 NEWSFIRST reporter Elizabeth Dorsett. She was interviewing someone in line at the time. None of them were seriously hurt.

Police came to the store to investigate. They’re still looking for a suspect.
Lexington Police say they’ll stay at the Best Buy to make sure people in line stay safe.

So, if you’re gonna camp, better come strapped. Things like this make us wonder why Nintendo fanboys will go to such lengths to ensure victory. 


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