PS3 bringing back Other OS feature for Netscape

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Sony caused a considerable stir last week when it revealed that an upcoming Firmware update would eliminate the “Other OS” option that allowed consumers to install and run Linux. It turns out that we did not have all the facts, as Sony has announced that there will be a replacement option. That option, however, will be exclusive to Netscape Navigator. 

“We know Linux is a popular product, but there were a number of security issues,” explains SCEA president Jack Tretton. “Based on consumer feedback, we will be switching to a more stable experience when we roll out Firmware 3.22 later this year.”

Netscape Navigator has pride of place as one of the most important tech products to have hit the Internet. Nevertheless, this quite a controversial decision for Sony to make, especially considering the immense popularity of Linux fans. That said, Netscape Navigator support is at an all-time high, so hopefully this will appease many gamers who lament the passing of the “Other OS” feature. 

Netscape’s basically for people who don’t know how to type with two hands, which adequately describes the PS3 user base HIYOOOOOOOO!

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