PS3 BioShock’s ending remains unchanged — should it have been altered?

In a recent article over at the Multiplayer blog, Stephen Totilo discusses the upcoming port of BioShock to the PS3. In a interview with Melissa Miller of 2k Marin, she spoke about the decision not to change the ending of the port, despite the negative feedback that portion of the game garnered. Her comments:

“We wanted to respect it … the things we wanted to add were things that would complement what was created.”

For me, BioShock was everything I wanted and more despite the ending not quite fitting with the themes of the game. For an RPG gamer, there’s often more emphasis put on the journey than there is on the resolution — something we have been more or less used to for years. While I wasn’t offended by the use of the word ‘faulty’ in reference to the game’s ending, I don’t think I would have used the same phrasing.

Furthermore, the idea of altering a game’s ending for a port (and for the sake of gamer feedback) bothers the purist in me. I feel a great game should be what it is — if we had gone back and altered the things about NES games that weren’t a perfect fit, we wouldn’t have the fond memories of them we do now — and those memories include the flaws.

Do you agree with this concept (and 2K Marin’s decision to leave the ending as is)? Or would it have been ultimately more fulfilling for you to see the game remade with a new ending that better suited the themes of morality outlined in the gameplay?

[Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett