PS3 and 360 sales neck and neck in the UK

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Think that the PS3 doesn’t sell? It certainly would seem that way from the general reaction to the pricey console, but apparently UK buyers don’t seem to mind. According to MCV, it looks like ChartTrack research shows the two consoles are in very close competition for highest sales volume. However, 55 percent of all PS3 sales were in the first four weeks following console’s launch, so some of the sales can likely be attributed to buyer excitement for new products.

Even though the struggle is more or less equal now, ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch believes that the 360 will pull ahead of PS3 in the long run, as PS3’s price tag and lack of great software will hold it back from becoming the top selling console. God knows Sony doesn’t like to be told they are wrong, even if millions of people chant it in unison. Please Sony, we WANT to love it like we loved the PS2. We know you can make it happen!

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