PS3 80GB Motorstorm pack $499 seen in the wild

We knew it was coming, and now it has hit the shelves. Even before the new 40GB PS3 has hit most shelves, the 80GB model is seeing price updates today, dropping down from $599 to $499. has it listed for $499.82 today, and Amazon has also put the new price into effect.

If you’re thinking about a PS3 for the holidays or the future in general, this is the one you’ll want. There’s 40 extra gigabytes of hard disc space, and there’s the included Motorstorm, but more importantly, this model is the last of the “classic”, backwards compatible PS3s. You’re saving $100, and all of that other stuff is great, but this is the last of the systems to let you play your PS2 games in upscaled glory. That’s not bad for $100 more than the “challenged” upcoming 40GB model, and unless you’re still maintaining hater status, you might want to jump on this. 

Also, both retailers (as well as many of the others) remind us that the 5 free Blu-ray movies deal is still in effect (and has been upgraded with a slightly better selection).  

[BS3 Owner, you have my thanks] 

Dale North