PS2 gets its own wiggle wand

It seems like gaming companies are slowly taking away our right to sit still and motionless while playing our games. The Wii already has us doing every type of silly motion humanly possible, and even the PS3 sometimes has us flicking our controllers about, but now it looks like more arm flailing is coming to the PlayStation2.

A company called In2Games will be showing new motion-sensing peripherals at the Leipzig Gaming Convention. Upcoming title names include Realplay Tennis, Realplay Pool, Realplay Golf, Realplay Racing, Realplay Bowling and Realplay Puzzlesphere, all of which will be available in time for Christmas. Each title’s respective wireless controllers will emulate tennis rackets, pool cues, golf clubs, and more.

The new device uses a motion-sensing technology called Freedom, and In2Games hopes to use it to tap into the massive Wii market. 

“The Realplay range of games is aimed squarely at those PS2 owners who want to play wireless motion-sensing games without needing to splash out on a new console,” said Elliott Myers, CEO of In2Games.

Will this be something we want? It’s hard to say just yet, but title names like Realplay Puzzlesphere sound like $5 Wal-Mart shareware to these ears. Will this be a budget Wii, or is it just another embarrassing knock-off?

[Via MCV — thanks, Mr. Donut] 

Dale North