PS2 game, God of War 2, to run in 720p on the PS3? (update)

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That sure is a lot of numbers in that headline and it also rhymes!

The God of War 2 embargo has been lifted, and IGN has posted their full review. Without giving too much away, they thought it was just peachy (as did 1up), but that was expected. What’s interesting is that apparently PlayStation 3 users finally have something (more) to smile about — when running on a PlayStation 3, the game will display in a true HD resolution of 720p.

The last two things that we want to talk about unfortunately can’t be tested yet as we won’t have the boxed copy of the game for a few weeks (though what we’ve reviewed is the final code), though neither would alter the score in any fashion anyway and we want to point them out. The first is that God of War II will not only be playable on the PlayStation 3, of course, but that it will run at a true HD resolution of 720p. We’re unsure as of yet whether or not we’ll see additional texture detail because of this, but we’ll update this section of the review when we can test it.

This is great news for any PlayStation 3 owner, since all of them own high definition televisions. While specifics on how this will work aren’t clear, NeoGAF user Panajev2001a breaks it down all technical like, using big words and numbers that are too complicated for my puny human brain to handle this early in the morning. So if that’s your thing, go check it out.

Everyone else can rest easy just knowing that God of War 2 is going to look super sweet no matter where or how you play it.

[Update: Turns out IGN was wrong about 720p. They issued this update: Editor’s Correction: After posting the review, we’ve gotten word from an SCEA representative that the game will support 480p on the PlayStation 3 but not 720p. Our error was due to crossed information and we’re sorry for the confusion. We will report back once we have the final copy in our hands.] 

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