Resident Evil Director’s Cut and more PS1 classics playable on PS4/PS5

PS1 classics on PS4 and PS5 in North America

Many games can be bought separately without needing PlayStation Plus Premium

As the regional rollout continues, Sony has launched its new tiered PlayStation Plus subscription plans in North America. Many of us will be sticking with the most basic membership (which is now known as PlayStation Plus Essential), but you can see how much it’ll cost to upgrade to Extra or Premium on this info-heavy overview page. Another handy link: the list of games and which tiers they’re tied to, including PlayStation Classics, some of which can be purchased standalone on PS4/PS5 without needing a membership.

That’s exactly what I was curious to check out personally speaking (and for the purposes of this article), and there’s at least one surprise in the PS1 library on day one: Resident Evil Director’s Cut. Sony didn’t mention it before, and folks have been craving classic RE.

It’s kind of a pain to track down PS1 titles on the browser storefront, and while we are expecting more games to join the Classics lineup, I figured a recap would be useful.

Resident Evil Director's Cut

Classic PS1 games playable on PS4 and PS5

As you can see, many of the early PS1 selections (and even Echochrome!) can be bought separately. Unfortunately, games like Tekken 2, Mr. Driller, and Resident Evil Director’s Cut require a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, which is $120 per year.

Worth adding: we’re getting the NTSC versions of these games in North America, as confirmed by VGC. And certain games, like Wild Arms and Syphon Filter, have trophies.

Additionally, certain returning classics from the PS3/Vita days won’t require a “new” purchase on PS4/PS5 if you bought them previously — so go claim ’em.

As for PS2 games, the list is similarly bare-bones right now — it’s Jak & Daxter, Dark Cloud, and other returning “PS2 on PS4” titles. On the PS3 front, my beloved Tokyo Jungle is back, but it’s locked to PlayStation Plus Premium. You can see a text-based list of the PS1, PS2, PS3 (cloud), and PSP Classics over here, but it’s much easier to browse the retro catalog using the PlayStation Store on a console compared to a mobile or desktop browser.

Buying (or redeeming) anything yet? I’m weirdly thinking about Toy Story 2 of all things.


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