PS Vita 3G teardown puts Sony’s cost at $159

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The guys at UBM TechInsights busted open a PS Vita 3G to pull together a figure for the cost of materials. The total comes in at a dick-punching $159.10. According to the breakdown on Eurogamer, the majority of the cost goes to the display and touchscreens ($50). The quad-core processor that powers this little wonder only costs $16. Of course, this doesn’t figure in assemby cost, development, handling and other costs. Still, this version will retail in the US for $299. Sony is probably making over $100 a piece on these babies.

While it sucks knowing this now, we can at least take comfort in knowing that there’s room for a price cut later.

There’s some really cool teardown shots on TechInsights. Be sure to check out the color coded board shots with labels for all the chips and bits.

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