PS Store releases to hit on Tuesdays starting in May

The PS Store is moving one step ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade updates by moving two days back. According to the most recent episode of PSN’s PULSE video program, the Store’s updates will be moved from the Thursday to a more aggressive Tuesday slot beginning on this May 4th in the US. “We’re moving to Tuesdays along with the PlayStation Store weekly update,” PULSE’s host Christina Lee said in the episode. “I’ll see you right back here on Tuesday, May 4th.”

We’re guessing this is a move to be more competitive. We’ve asked an SCEA rep what he believes this move means to Sony and PSN publishers. No response as of yet, so we’ll just have to play the European and wait. (The European Store will update on Wednesdays — a day off from the new US Tuesday slot. Har Har.)

PlayStation Store Update Day Moving in May [Shacknews] [Thanks, Joseph!]

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