Prove you’re hardcore: Dress your Spartan up like Hayabusa in Halo 3

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Go on, and find that sneaky  “I Would Have Been Your Daddy” skull in Halo 3‘s single player campaign. Finding this last of the 13 skulls unlocks what appears to be Ninja Gaiden protagonist Ryu Hayabusa’s helmet, for use in multiplayer avatars. But said skull is not easy to get — Halo3Planet has a set of instructions that resemble something you’d find in a box for Ikea furniture.

But why stop at a helmet, when you can also carry the infamous Dragon Sword on your back? Getting it’s easy — simply get all 1000 achievement points in Halo 3 … no sweat! I only have, oh, 980 points to go. The sword is simply cosmetic, and is not a usable weapon. But that doesn’t make much of a different to me — I’ll be reviewing Bungie’s next project by the time I get all of Halo 3‘s achievements.

So which one of you guys will be the first to don the full set of Hayabusa garb? Prove yourselves, pansies!

Nick Chester