Prototype to be first Neural THX 7.1 game for more surroundiness

With a name like Prototype, it’s somewhat fitting that this interesting game will be a title of firsts. The free-roaming science fiction adventure will be the first ever videogame to use THX’s brand new 7.1 surround sound technology.

Neural-THX Surround uses three speakers in front of you, two either side, and two behind. It also sounds flashy and impressive. If you weren’t antagonizing your neighbours by blasting your games out through a 5.1 speaker system, soon you can really up your chances of eviction. 

This news makes me happy not because I could ever afford another speaker system, but because it reminded me that Prototype exists. I’d forgotten about that one, and it looks like it could be really fun. Hurray for 7.1 surround sound!

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