Prototype ports run like shit and aren’t remastered

In case you were wondering

After the stealth release of the Prototype Biohazard Bundle for Xbox One and PS4, many were left wondering if the games were remastered, just ports, or what differences — if any — there were.

Activision eventually sent out some PR announcing the release of the games with some other details, but was vague about whether or not these were considered remastered instead opting to say “full HD rendering.” 

Today reader TehuberOne sent us a conversation he had with Prototype‘s official Facebook page where he asked if the bundle was “upscaled or rendered at 1080p” to which the Prototype page responded: “This is a 1080p boost, so the game’s graphics haven’t been remastered. This package is meant to give players who didn’t get the chance to play the originals an opportunity to experience them on current-gen consoles.”

What exactly is a 1080p boost? Is that like a new energy drink?

Activision claimed the ports would have better frame rates but judging by Digital Foundry’s video above, I’d say that is arguable, at least for the Xbox One version. It and last-generation versions drop to near 20 frames per second often. 

Jed Whitaker