Prototype had multiplayer? Oh, well it doesn’t now

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If, for some bizarre reason, you were looking forward to Prototype‘s multiplayer features, then now is the time to retract pre-order plans and shake your fist in the air as if to futilely reprimand God for his sunken glory. The previously planned co-op component of Prototype has been scrapped, leaving it a game for loners only.

Radical’s Tim Bennison explained that the dev team felt they would not “be able to pull it off with the same level of quality and polish that we’re aiming for with the original single player story.” 

While some people will whine about this, I actually commend Radical’s decision. Rather than tack on a shoddy multiplayer option that probably wouldn’t get used enough to justify the work, the team has decided to focus purely on crafting a complete single player experience — I remember the days when we had more of those! Bennison said if the game sells, there’s no ruling out future DLC to add multiplayer, but I honestly don’t think there’d be much point.

I believe it was a good decision, and hopefully it leads to a polished, complete title, rather than two unfinished halves roughly stuck together with masking tape.

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