Prototype and Prototype 2 might be heading to PS4

Screaming and crying, the Prototype way

Back in 2009, a brutal war was raging in gaming. No, not Xbox vs PlayStation, or Call of Duty vs Halo. It was worse. So much worse. A war centred around mediocre open-world superhero games.

On the left, we had Sucker Punch’s inFamous. On the right, we had Radical Entertainment’s Prototype. In the years that followed, it appeared inFamous had been the victor, especially after Radical shut up shop. But we were wrong. It’s not over. It will never be over.

If achievements accidentally leaked on PlayStation 4’s PSN are to be believed, it appears as though we will be getting some form of the re-release of Prototype and Prototype 2. Whether these will be just straight ports or be given a current-gen paint job is currently unknown.

The Games Cabin shows a list of Prototype achievements, whereas Exophase has Prototype 2’s.

Flee to the bunker, children. You may never see the summer sun again, but you will be safe from very angry superpowered people running down buildings. We hope.

Activision Maybe Releasing the Original Prototype on PS4 [The Games Cabin, Exophase]

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