Prototype 2 GameStop pre-orders get ‘Butt Kicker’ power

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Radical Entertainment announced today a pre-order bonus for Prototype 2, available to customers who lay down their cash in advance at GameStop. In exchange for your consumer confidence, you’ll get a code to unlock the “Butt Kicker” power, an enhancement of the Bio-Bomb ability. Where the Bio-Bomb merely lets you throw an enemy which you have pumped full of explosive goodness, the Butt Kicker allows you to punt that enemy and rain devastation on your enemies.

I liked Prototype quite a bit. Some parts felt a little cookie-cutter and I can’t say that I developed any significant attachment to Alex Mercer or the devastated Manhattan he conquered, but it was fun for what it was and had some really interesting ideas. So while I’m not chomping at the bit for more, it’s certainly welcome.

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