Proteus developer announces Forest of the Sleep

A game based on Russian fairytales

Proteus developer Ed Key has announced his latest project. Apparently making one pretty game with Proteus wasn’t enough, and so he’s back with Forest of the Sleep.

Forest of the Sleep is a collaboration between Key and Russian illustrator and animator Nicolai Troshinsky. Inspired by Russian fairytales, the storytelling adventure game sees you guide three children through a forest, meeting strange characters along the way.

The game also features a simple resource management system. However, rather than it being a simple die-of-hunger mechanic, the game’s story will bend around the outcomes of it:

You’ll want to do well, but depending on the situation, passing out from hunger is more likely to be an excuse for the game to move the story forward in a new way rather than a simple “game over”.

I’m really loving the art style and the concept of a world based on Russian fairytales, so when Forest of the Sleep launches at some point in late 2016 for PC and tablets, I’ll definitely be taking a look. There are screenshots down below should you want to see more.

Joe Parlock