Protester argues against modchip raids, gets unrelated copypasta in return

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I’ve complained many times about the use of federal law to crack down on videogame piracy, or indeed, any piracy. As far as I’m concerned, until online pedophile rings have been dealt with and terrorists aren’t able to operate under the government’s nose, there is absolutely no excuse for Homeland Security to waste its resources targetting such minor ‘crimes’ as game machine modification.

Jason Richey, a World of Warcraft fan with a modchip on his shoulder, is of similar mind. With his friend targeted in the raids, he wrote to his representative Marcy Kaptur, hoping for Congress to hear his words:

I am a concerned citizen writing you about the negative repercussions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)… Installing a mod chip is similar to installing a V-8 engine in your car, or changing your own oil… 

There are many legal reasons for mod chips… a person should be able to do whatever they wish to things they own, including reprogramming them to do things not intended by the manufacturer.

I urge you… heed the will of the people you are sworn to represent and push for the revocation of the DMCA…

My Libertarian principals agree with his stance. Especially in light of the crimes that Homeland Security is taking attention away from in order to pursue mod chips (which as Richey said, can have legal uses), it seems almost farcical that the act of putting a piece of plastic into a game machine can have you treated like the worst criminal in history. That’s not the best part though. Hit the jump for the Congresswoman’s reply and set sail for fail.

As taken from Richey’s Richtastic! blog:

I got a reply today from Marcy Kaptur, dated September 27, 2007. The first line read “Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Copyright Royalty Board’s decision to raise music royalty rates.”

That’s right, I wrote a detailed letter about the problems with the DMCA and it’s effect on hardware engineers and in return I got a form letter on the topic of internet radio. I really can’t complain too loudly though as she is in support of Net Neutrality. I just wish our governmental leaders would take the time to read whatever it is that they are responding to. If they don’t understand perhaps asking a question or for clarification would be in order and not a standard form letter on a completely different topic.

You have to love it really, don’t you? Let this be a lesson to any idealistic kids that might be reading this — caring about anything never works.

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