Protect your brain from Sword Coast Legends’ Mind Flayers

Straight from the Tower of Latria

The Dungeons & Dragons sort-of tabletop simulator Sword Coast Legends is just over a month away now. With this upcoming release speeding ever-forward, developers n-Space and Digital Extremes have begun to exhibit some of the monsters that players will be fighting. 

The most recent video features the classic Illithids, known as Mind Flayers to most. If you’re familiar with Demon’s Souls, think of the assholes with the bells in the Tower of Latria. In D&D they’re aberrations who use psionic powers to enthrall other creatures. They also have a nasty habit of devouring brains. It’s a cool touch that they show off stats in a similar fashion to the Monster Manual in the video. That combat still looks as wonky as I remember, but I choose to remain hopeful!

Zack Furniss