Protect your 360 the manly way: wrap a metal cable around it

I’ll tell you something. Whenever I leave the house I wrap a bike lock around as many objects as I possibly can so that they are anchored down and no one can take them. Sure it consumes most of my morning everyday, but I’m secure in the knowledge that my jar of peanut butter is safe and sound if any peanut butter thieves that come around. However, my 360 has never been safe so I spend much of my day pacing back and forth worrying about it. Now, however, I can stop thanks to‘s Security Lock and Cable Kit for the 360.

The kit is basically a bike lock, but with a special piece that you place on the back of your 360 so you can attach the wire. Gone are all your fears of thieves stealing your 360 console. Of course they can still take your hard drive off pretty easy, and this isn’t going to protect any of your games, and if they were industrious enough to break into your house they’ll probably be able to figure out how to grab the system and deal with whatever it is attached to later. Then again they may just fall on the floor laughing so hard because they read this story and know you spent $29.95 on something that’s relatively useless. By the time they’re done the cops will have probably shown up. See, it really works!

[Via 360Sync]

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