Proof that the Wii isn’t for us: It’s time to Dance with the Stars … (kill me)

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Unless you want to have your day ruined, I suggest you bypass clicking on the above video. Dancing with the Stars is exactly what it sounds like, and indicative of the kind of thing that will outsell Metroid and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Now YOU can look like a complete and utter douche, as if EA’s Boogie just wasn’t humiliating enough for you. 

For some reason, I’ve included another trailer beyond the jump, but I don’t expect you to click on it. Somehow the promise of “36 licensed songs, 22 celebrities and 3 tough judges,” just doesn’t seem enticing enough. 

Just remember, this is what sells, regardless of what we think the videogame market is like. Even outside the Wii, shoddy film licenses and rehashed sports games are the frequent chart-toppers. We can complain about the people who make these games all day long, but let’s not forget … millions of buyers are encouraging them.

Also, I find the warning of “mild lyrics” in that trailer absolutely hilarious.

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