Prompto gets one last shot when Episode Prompto launches in two weeks

Say cheese!

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While I think its neat that Square Enix is expanding on the individual characters from Final Fantasy XV, I don’t know that anyone is really excited to play as Prompto. He had some great character development, but the dude was super weak and constantly died in battle. He also looks stupid with that vest, but I guess the winter jacket is better?

Anyway, the second DLC for Final Fantasy XV, named Episode Prompto, will be hitting PSN and Xbox Live on June 27. The DLC will also see a return of composer Naoshi Mizuta, who previously provided music for Final Fantasy XI and XIII-2. You can hear a sample of his work below.

The new DLC lands alongside the updated off-road Regalia, which should make traveling to the Adamantoise a lot faster for farming XP (especially since the Ring of Lucii is broken as hell). Hopefully you won’t automatically die if you tip the thing over, though. That flying Regalia definitely sucks.

Along with all of that comes a sizzle reel of how Square Enix is planning on expanding the universe of Final Fantasy XV. It shows off a few snippets of gameplay from both DLC packs and has clips from the anime and film, but it also makes mention of a mobile spin-off game based on the in-universe title that Noctis and his pals play. King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon will be available sometime this fall (probably with that VR fishing game).

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