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Mysterious, pixel outbreak

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[Dead Moon showed his support of the Dtoid community recently by compiling some great pixel art interpretations of some of our community members’ well-known avatars courtesy of Dtoider, Dangus! Want to be flattered yourself? Just join our community, post some cblogs, and join the quick posting! ~Strider]

The disease spread so quickly there was almost no time to react. The community had never seen anything like this. By the time we realized what was going on, the damage had already been done… We always new that Dangus Taargus looked a little “different”, but we didn’t think it was anything to worry about. We couldn’t have been more wrong…..


The disease known as “Pixels” attacks user’s avatars on a cellular level until they’re almost unrecognizable. Our very own Hypno Coffin was one of the very first victims ravaged by this horrible affliction.

(Pictured: Hypno Coffin)

He was hardly the last though….

(Pictured: Weslikestacos)

It even took Mrs. Tacos…..

(Pictured: Mrs. Weslikestacos)

There is no known cure for Pixels. The victims may have to live with their deformities for the rest of their lives. But there is a way that you can help ease their suffering. By donating to you can help fund treatment for the individuals affected by The Dangus Incident and maybe one day even find a cure. Please, every little bit helps.

These are the faces of Pixels. Just a few of the many victims who will never be the same…..

(Pictured: Admiral Ackbong)

(Pictured: Jiraya)

(Pictured: Vxxy)

(Pictured: Parismio)

(Pictured: Rad Party God)

(Pictured: ZombZ)

If you or a loved one has been suffering with the consequences of this terrible affliction, you are not alone. We have organized a support group that meets every day of the week in the Quickpost section. Through our shared love of cat girls and all things kawaii, we have finally started to rebuild our lives. The Destructoid community stands strong in the face of adversity, and we will beat this together.

My name is Dead Moon, and I’m a Pixels survivor…

(Pictured: Dead Moon)

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