Prolific E3 leaker reportedly receives Cease & Desist from Nintendo

Angry Mario lawyers up

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With each passing year, more and more of E3’s content appears to wind up online ahead of the game, with the annual video game conference finding it harder and harder to patch up its increasingly-leaky hull in this social media-driven age.

But it appears that Nintendo has had about all they can stands, as The Big N has reportedly sent one of this year’s most prolific leakers an official Cease & Desist order, threatening legal action should the publisher’s upcoming Nintendo Direct content mysteriously surface on twitter ahead of time.

The leaker in question is user “Sabi”, also known as PolarPanda, who has so far succeeded in dropping some E3 scoops a little ahead of time, including Ghostwire Tokyo, the new Fallout 76 content, and even Keanu Reeves’ guest appearance. But it appears that the House of Mario is eager to put a stop to such actions. “I have been given a cease and desist from a lawyer representing Nintendo,” said Sabi in a tweet. “They have my full name and everything. This means I’m not allowed to post any private trade secrets from Nintendo co ltd.”

To have investigated deeply enough to uncover the person behind the online pseudonym, it seems clear that Nintendo aren’t playing around. It will be interesting to see if this sets a precedent from other industry bigwigs going forward.

The Nintendo Direct E3 presentation takes place June 11 at 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET.

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