Project Needlemouse shrouded in total mystery

Project Needlemouse is Sega’s most top secret project. So top secret, in fact, that the people who created the game’s first teaser trailer don’t even know what it’s about! Having been given only the thinnest shreds of information regarding Sonic’s return to 2D, Integrated Alchemy Media had to get fans pumped without even knowing what they were pumping us for. 

Here’s an account of the ad company’s dealing with Sega on Project Needlemouse:

SEGA came to Integrated Alchemy Media without a game, without a title, without a logo,without a character, and with a challenge: Make fans of Sonic the Hedgehog excited about his return in the game you’re not going to show. We had one week. But we also had Trevor Gavin, Ryan Berkey and Vadan Less This 30 second teaser got 100,000 views in its first 48 hours and the mission was a total success.

Yep, these guys didn’t even have a character to work with. It has to be said that, given the limited tools they had to work with, the chaps at Alchemy did a pretty good job with the teaser. Still, makes you wonder if Sega actually has a game right now, and hasn’t just been peddling a concept.

How Secret is Needlemouse? Not even the Trailer Dev Saw It [TSSZ News]

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