Project Cars is even less forgiving with an Oculus Rift

VR racing games return

Project CARS was a hit with a lot of folks when it arrived back in May of last year, and now, it has an added bonus of VR support on PC. I spent a few hours with it recently, and I have to say, it warrants the “intense” rating it boasts on the storefront.

I didn’t feel nearly as uneasy as I did with Adr1ft, but looking around while you’re rocketing across a racetrack can get overwhelming at times, especially if you haven’t mastered the game’s mechanics and engine quite yet. It isn’t nearly as cool as some of the other games that really take advantage of the VR aspect, but looking over at a car’s side mirrors and then re-focusing on the road is a rush.

Project CARS is $49.99 on the Oculus VR store — the same price as Steam, which also supports headsets. There is no word if Steam customers will obtain an Oculus Home key, though the Oculus version includes all DLC according to the game’s director Stephen Viljoen. This entire system is still in the early phase of working out all of the kinks, as some developers are allowing options for Cross-Buy at launch, and some aren’t.

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