Project Blue is a cyberpunk sidescroller coming to Switch, Xbox, and… NES

Please, fingers, don’t write “perfect blue” by mistake.

Project Blue Header

8-Bit Legit has announced they’ll be handling the publishing duties for Project Blue, an NES-style cyberpunk sidescroller by ToggleSwitch/FrankenGraphics that is coming to modern consoles with a physical release on NES.

Writing about new NES games never gets old. Project Blue casts you as Blue, a child trying to escape a research laboratory in Neo Hong Kong. The trailer advertises Perfect Blue as being built from 256 screens, which kind of makes it look like the underappreciated Legacy of the Wizard. In fact, a lot of the game looks like a futuristic Legacy of the Wizard, which I am totally down for. The publisher also says that there will be three difficulty levels that will modify the game’s layout, which is pretty spiffy.

It’s worth noting that you can already grab Project Blue on PC over on Itch. 8-Bit Legit is the publishing arm of Retrotainment Games and Mega Cat Studios, and is just handling publishing on consoles. I know Retrotainment from Garbage Pail Kids, which was a pretty terrific NES release.

I’m always on board for a new NES game. We’ve come a long way from the early days of homebrew titles. Now, we’ve got boutique publishers who handle all the curation and quality control. It’s nice to have the option to play it on modern consoles, but given the option, give me that plastic rectangle and let me slot it into my computer-toaster.

Project Blue is currently available on PC. The console version will be available for pre-order starting on September 29, 2023, and the retail release will follow on October 6, 2023.

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