Productivity be damned: ‘Classic Skin’ pack for Lumines Supernova tomorrow

Q Entertainment has announced that a new pack of skins for Lumines Supernova — called the “Classic Pack” — will be coming to PlayStation Network tomorrow. As the name implies, the pack will contain 20 skins from the PlayStation Portable original, and will cost $4.99.

I have a confession to make right now: I’m a Lumines addict. It’s gotten to the point where anytime I turn on my PlayStation 3, I “accidentally” start playing Supernova. I tried to play the Killzone 2 demo this weekend, but had to pass by the Supernova icon to launch it. 90 games of the “60 Second Time Trial” later, I was too tired to do much of anything else. 

So do I need another 20 skins? Probably not. But will my sick Lumines addiction force me to buy them? You bet. 

Nick Chester