Producer talks Dead Space middleware, also EA enjoys money

Recently, Gameplayer had the opportunity to check out Dead Space and speak to the executive producer of the game, Glen Shofield. Instead of talking about Dead Space the game, their conversation turned towards Dead Space the platform. Shofield conveyed that he was extremely happy with the engine that EA created for the game and that the company will seek to release Dead Space as a platform, so other developers can enjoy the look and feel of Unreal Engine 3 without having to license Unreal Engine 3.

Of course, this may already seem familiar to you as EA is mulling over the possibility of tossing out Spore to the development community. Shofield also mentioned that lawyers are currently in the process of naming the Dead Space engine (which is currently being used with the Godfather II), but I have already got the perfect name worked out – “Dead Space Super Perfect Videogame Engine of Horror.”

I love the fact that developers are more than happy to release their middleware now after the UE3 explosion, but I’m worried that within the next couple of years every game will begin to look the same. Can you imagine a Madden title boasting the Dead Space Super Perfect Videogame Engine of Horror? Unfortunately, I can.

Brad BradNicholson