Producer says F.E.A.R. 2 AI is ‘second to none’

Eric Studer, associate producer for the newly-named F.E.A.R. 2,was more than happy to boast about the enemy AI in the upcoming sequel to the popular FPS. In an interview with CVG, Studer said that the AI “is second to none” and that the game will “keep [players] on [their] toes at every turn.”

Studer elaborated on his statement by pointing out how the AI adjusts to player behavior:

As such we didn’t want to create an expectation in the players mind for how to progress through a level. If you want to blast your way through an environment, you can do that. If you want to kill every enemy at a slower pace, you’re encouraged to do that as well. The AI will respond in kind, but it was key that we let players determine exactly how they progress.

Decent AI in a horror-centric game always spells many a restless nights for me as I try to toss away the memories of creepy ghouls and circumspect hallways. At least the AI won’t be able to observe me jumping up and down on the couch whenever something particularly scary happens. I would hate for a game to taunt me as much as the people that sit next to me whenever I play these games.

Brad BradNicholson