Pro League of Legends player caught boosting accounts for money

ELO Busted

eSports sure has had its fair share of controversy recently, huh? With drug tests being brought in as an anti-doping measure in the ESL, it seems like eSports has finally got its own Lance Armstrongs to deal with. It has now also come out that a League of Legends pro player has been caught boosting other people’s accounts.

It’s a practice known as ELO Boosting, and it’s where a highly skilled player is paid to stomp lower skilled players on someone else’s account to get them into higher divisions. Riot Games is very against it and have banned ELO boosting in their terms and conditions.

That didn’t stop plucky entrepreneur Yu “XiaoWeiXiao” Xian from doing it though, and now he’s been caught out and suspended from playing. Posts made on reddit apparently show conversations between Xian and customers about how the boosting will happen. It’s all in Chinese, but it was enough to spark a larger investigation by Riot.

The Associate eSports Manager at Riot, Hunter Leigh, tweeted to say Xian has admitted to fucking up:

Meanwhile Xian’s team, Team Impulse, has said it will be releasing a statement soon:

So if doping is Lance Armstrong, what’s the mainstream sport equivalent of this?

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Joe Parlock