Pro gaming about to step into the mainstream

Continuing the march toward social-wide acceptance, the world of professional gaming is about to get some major network love. CBS has just announced a deal with the World Series of Video Games that will spotlight not only the genre, but the players themselves. Here’s the full story:

Pro competition gaming circuit World Series of Video Games will be airing coverage from its 2006 season on CBS, the first major U.S. broadcast network to cover the WSVG. In addition to the deal with CBS, WSVG has arranged airtime on cable and satellite networks CSTV (College Sports Television) and VOOM HD Networks’ Gameplay HD. MTV had previously aired WSVG coverage in mid-November.

On December 30, CBS will air They Got Game, Stars of the World Series of Video Games Presented by Intel. The program will feature the stories of five competitive gamers, including Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel.

The multiple deals with the networks will bring over 20 hours of WSVG programming to U.S. audiences. International distribution is also being arranged.

Cross your fingers, and hope they don’t water it all down and stuff it full of gaming generalizations and stereotypes. 

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