Prisoners in the UK provided with PlayStation 2 consoles

The Labour government has today revealed that 120 PlayStation 2 consoles have been installed in prisons for young offenders, an installation process that has cost the country £15,000. Those who commit crimes in our ‘glorious’ nation can now look forward to getting in a few free rounds of Devil May Cry instead of actually being, you know, punished for their crimes.

Instead of games machines going to orphanages, hospitals and other places that actually deserve them, it is the criminal element of this country that once again gets preferential treatment for no discernable reason other than there’s always some bleeding heart out there that thinks the scum of society need to be pampered and not disciplined. I’ll remember that next time I spend my own, hard earned money on a console. I’ll be sure to remember that some crackhead is playing his for nothing, and that the taxes of decent people are funding him.

This is easily among the most stupid, counter-productive and disgusting things the British government has done. As Tory spokesman Nick Herbet said, “We need to be focussing on getting young offenders back into the world of work, not allowing them to play computer games.” Also, isn’t it funny that a country that bans violent videogames and demonizes them as corrupting influences is actually providing prisoners with them? There is something seriously messed up with this ridiculous country.

[Thanks to Joe. Via MCV.]

Jim Sterling