Prison break co-op adventure A Way Out releases launch trailer

‘It’s a miracle… man up and vanished like a fart in the wind’

Hazelight Studio’s stealth adventure A Way Out launches tomorrow, and Electronic Arts have released a launch trailer to get you and your fellow escapee prepped for the longest night of your lives.

A Way Out, directed by Josef “Fuck the Oscars” Fares, sees players take control of convicts Vince and Leo who, after one bowl of porridge too many, decide to take leave of their concrete abode and make their escape into the great outdoors. Players must guide the duo from the confines of their cell to the perimeters of the prison walls and beyond, with cutscenes and in-game dialogue driving the story.

A Way Out can be played in local co-op or online, but is two-player mandatory, there is no single-player mode or an alternate A.I partner. Given the split-second timing and co-ordination of Vince and Leo’s plans, that’s probably a helluva good thing.

Will the guys see the sun once again? or will your pal with the non-wired connection let you both down? Get busy living or get busy dying tomorrow, when A Way Out launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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